A few hundred meters past the Lahmuse manor is a beautiful lake, and on its shore stands the Lahmuse watermill. It features well-preserved machines and an old round-vaulted grain dryer.

Here you can learn about the Estonian mills, the history of grain processing from stone-age pestles to medieval grindstones, and the rise of mills and their mechanisms. 

A film shows the local millstones, groat machine and fine grinder at work, and shows you how and why each type of grain was milled, and how much flour it produced. 

The building's basement floor is for gearheads: here you can see the watermill's turbine, cam drives and a remarkable Deutz piston engine.

The mill played an important role in the village: it was the source of fine, bread and feed-quality flour, grits and groats, and haymeal. Every family would visit the mill several times a year.

Sanitation of the river: before, during, after
Renorvation of the mill: before and after
Movie about lahmuse watermill
Pictures of lahmuse watermill
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The watermill is located near the Lahmuse manor, Suure-jaani parish, Viljandi county.

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